Since we’ve really just met, I should tell you that I am a teacher, by trade, specifically a Special Education teacher. This may help explain the puns, and the corny titles. Take for example, today’s title. It should give you some clue as to what is on my mind, but in the event that you haven’t guessed, I’m reliving some of the best Disney memories, with my Disney Mugs from our past stays.  I don’t know about your family, but my family never forgets the food memories!

For example, long before the current Rapid Refill RFID mugs were created, there were just variously designed resort ‘refillable’ mugs.  For our kids this was a true joy, as they could get what they wanted, any time they wanted, and AS MUCH as they wanted. Our first mug in the collection, and my favorite mug of all, was the Wilderness Lodge mug.  It reminded me that every morning, my husband and I would get up before the kids, go downstairs, get our coffee, and sit by the pool.

Mornings were usually pretty quiet, maybe one or two other ‘older’ couples, like ourselves. No kids splashing in the pool, hollering to each other, squealing with joy as they descended the pool slide. No, none of it; It was heavenly. It was a ‘golden’ moment in the day, with the ducks, the bunnies, and the occasional wobbly toddler.

By lunch time it would be filled with families congregating around the pool, newcomers running out to catch a glimpse of the geyser. Yup, every hour on the hour,  Wilderness Lodge’s Fire Rock Geyser blows! Kids scatter along the boardwalk trying to outrun the wind-blown water spray, secretly hoping to get spritzed.  The older kids scramble up to the ‘Rocky Mountain’ water slide hidden among the rocks, calling out, “Mom, Mom, M-o-o-m-m, watch me!”

One of the funniest memories we have is of lunching at Roaring Fork with my mother, ‘Nana’ when one of the girls tried to pass a French fry to her. A watchful crow had evidently been planning his air attack, and swooped right in and pulled the fry from her fingers! My mother squeaked out a rather loud, “Oh!” and the girls and I laughed so hard, we drew a crowd of onlookers. Needless to say, we promptly covered our fries.  More than ten years later, and the incident still comes up around the holiday dinner table.

Now, most of the mugs are all the same design, so you can’t really tell which resort it came from. Fortunately we still get to reminisce about my daughter’s sixteenth birthday dinner at Cinderella’s Royal table, every time somebody grabs this glass mug. The waiter brought her a cute little cupcake, and there was Mickey confetti sprinkled all over the table.  We even managed to catch some of the Peter Pan and Captain Hook duel outside the dining room windows. Oh, I almost forgot, the girls got the have their picture taken with Cinderella!

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