You know it’s true! Not only do they keep expanding, adding new rides, and increasing their level of Imagineering, but they also have a way to hook those of you who thought you had done it all.  Surely, after you’ve visited whatever new attraction they’ve introduced, for the umpteenth time, and re-visited all your old favorites, you might think there is ‘nothing new’. Or, perhaps you’re the parents of tweens or teens who feel they have outgrown Disney’s magic. Hard to believe, I know! This is the time to look behind the scenes, as in “Behind the Scenes” tours. 

One of the first tours we ever took was the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.  We were dying to see the inside of the legendary Utilidors.  It was very exciting to be down there, just because it’s so…mysterious! While you don’t get to cover miles of the not-so-secret tunnel, you do get to find one way in, and out, that the general visitor doesn’t know about.  It’s always fun to feel like you’re in on a secret with Walt! 

You might also get to watch performers rehearsing for the latest parade, backstage! It is amazing to see how hard these people work to master the choreography, in the hot Florida sun! Certainly you’ll be treated to some behind-the-scenes ride reveals, and a refreshing train ride, to help you cool off and rest your tired dogs. And as the tour wraps up, your “exclusive keepsake,’ which proves where you’ve been, will be bestowed upon you!

Lunch is included in the price of the tour, and we ate at Columbia Harvest House, in a reserved section upstairs where it was cool and quieter.

So, if you are looking for something different, and want to explore the secret lair of the likes of Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, and Tinkerbell, try the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.  Remember, you’re not just walking in the footsteps of all those Mickey Mouse Club stars who have walked those hallowed halls ( think Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, JC Chasez…and of course, Britney and Justin), you’re also following in the steps of the greatest Imagineer of all, Walter Elias Disney! As with all things Disney, there is a tour for every park, every interest, every age, and every budget!  For a complete list of available tours, check it out at:


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