The Romantic Side of Disney, Because It’s NOT Just for Kids

by | Sep 23, 2018

Some people think, “Why would you ever go to Disney World if you don’t have kids with you?”  I feel sorry for those people because they obviously don’t know the Disney secret…when you are in Disney it doesn’t matter how old you are, you are still a kid.  You might not be 10 years old anymore; but you get to leave your problems behind as you hug characters, go on rides, eat ridiculous amounts of junk food, and witness dazzling firework shows each night; and few things are more comforting then getting to relieve your childhood like that.  So that is a big reason to visit Disney World even if you are planning to go sans children, but even more importantly is the fact that Disney is one of the most romantic places in the entire world.

I know you typically wouldn’t think that an amusement park could be considered romantic but Disney World is one of the most popular destinations in the world for anniversary vacations, proposals, and honeymoons.  It is even a fantastic wedding destination! Now I’ll admit I’m a bit biased about my views on how Disney World is so romantic because my own husband proposed to me there (we then took our honeymoon there as a sentimental nod to his proposal) but once I go through a few reasons why it is a premier romantic destination you will see that it truly is as well.

The accommodations. Disney has some of the best hotel properties in the country, like The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  There you could enjoy a luxurious couple’s massage, then feast onFirst a delicious meal at the highly rated and adult exclusive restaurant, Victoria and Albert’s.  After your meal you can finish the night walking hand in hand under the stars along the beautiful white sand beach on property, which provides a perfect view of the fireworks show over Cinderella’s Castle. Next, the service.  Disney staff is known to sprinkle their pixie dust to make all trips magical in little ways, but when they know you are celebrating something extra special like a proposal or marriage they will really go the extra mile to make your special time even more special.  For instance, celebration pins and housekeeping extra touches are always available but a complimentary bottle of champagne or even an entire room upgrade are far from unusual too.

The extra activities.  Disney is not just about amusement park rides or character interactions.  There are so many other activities to partake in like private boat rides to watch the fireworks, horseback trail rides at sunset, romantic carriage rides through Port Orleans, and adventurous couple activities like a round of golf or water skiing. The cultural experiences.  Many people want to travel to exotic lands but don’t have the money to do so.  In Epcot you can travel the world getting little doses of culture hand in hand with your loved one as you meet natives, sample cuisine, and browse shops at each world showcase pavilion.  You might never get the chance to eat a crepe in the real France, but you can experience it through Disney.

And finally, the add-on purchases.  Disney’s floral and gifts department is incredible!  Contact them and they can arrange anything from flowers and candy for your sweetheart to a detailed proposal plan for popping the big question.  Then even  more impressive is the wedding event department that can give you the wedding of your dreams and more. So you see, Disney is more then just an amusement park for kids.  It’s a special getaway for couples just starting out or celebrating a milestone anniversary.  In fact, some may argue the Disney experience is even more fun without kids because where else would you get world-class romantic accommodations, dining, and add on experiences while at the same time getting to act like a kid yourself.

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